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Sombo Kaanike

Ashram at Kunigal

SOMBO kanike’s de-addiction center is located in a beautiful serene environment, which itself is a perfect tool of recovery and rehabilitation of addicts stuck in the calamity of alcoholism and other drug abuse.

Ours is experience oriented, non religious organization designed to enhance the self – realization of addict’s personal well being.

We at our de- addiction center firmly believe that addiction of any kind is not just connected and confined to un-controllable urge for pleasure, rather we believe in the school of thought that, where it all comes from are associated closely with many present day issues, Karmic reasons from past lives and attachment of entities /spirits, which freezes the addicts into limitations.

What makes our de-addiction center different from “N” number of un-successful de-addiction centers all over the world starts from the very environment till the treatment given to addicts.

Neither do we jail the addicts in a confined area, treating them like sinners nor do we torture their body by tying them undressed, confining them like prisoners, dumping them like vegetables and harassing their body with medicines that block their thinking capacity.

Rather, we provide our clients natural surroundings to stay in, where they experience series of dynamic connectivity with nature, to heal and realize the inner child and innocence of soul. We keep addicts as in-patients for a period of 5 to 6 months and the sole responsibility of the sufferer is to be taken care by one of relatives of friends.

Our tools of healing are neither using syringes and capsules nor giving judgment as a counselor that the addict is a criminal in the eyes of the society. We realize how drug abuse, mental illness and Karmic reasons of past lives, present day issues, attachment of entities and spirits go hand in hand, we provide healing for the same in the world’s most unique and first in its kind treatment.

What we do is to uplift the client’s mental, physical and spiritual wellness by helping them realize the power of intuition, electromagnetic field of body and bring to harmony the Soul-Mind and Body, for which we use healing techniques like past life therapy, spirit releazment, Reiki healing, Sujok therapy, chakra healing and many other techniques which enhances the quality of clients Soul – Mind – Body.

Our healing involves several mental and physical exercises found most conductive in preparing the individuals for entering into higher dimensions by increasing ones awareness on the energies around, thereby decreasing the dependency on drugs and severity of symptoms of addictions as a result of which their soul starts to love and appreciates their own beautiful body and body learns to survive without substances of addiction.

SOMBO Kanike’s de-addiction center is world’s first and one and only therapeutic healing abode where the techniques of healing are so vivid and clear that it gives lifelong remedies to every awful character of the addict where addiction can be forgotten like a night mare.

At SOMBO we don’t treat troubled souls subject to addiction of any substance as sinners rather we unleash the true reasons behind their turmoil which is beyond the limited boundaries of medicines.